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Honorees and Memorials

Making a gift or memorial donation is a lasting way to honor or celebrate of a special person or pet in your life. These donations support Boo’s Memorial Medical Emergency Fund, which was established to help any of the animals in the Tyson’s Chance program who require emergency or specialized medical services. This fund was named in memory of our founder and director Ashley Shelburne’s beloved dog and first rescue Boo.

Click here to donate and have your recipient honored on this page.

In Memory of Sara Bricking

  • Sarah W.
  • Nancy Guilliom

In Memory of Dean

  • Sarah Wilson

In Honor of Kerry, Rufus, and Trixie

  • Kellie, Ryan, and Amelia Winchester

In Memory of Kinsey, beloved pet of Sandra Stein

  • Sky Racing World

In Memory of Gertie

  • Shelli Koestner

In Memory of Snickers

  • Beth Stewart

In Memory of Sadie, beloved pet of Peggy and Rick Alderson

  • Angie and Chris Pereira
  • Paula and Mark McGlothin
  • Theresa and Ralph Atha

In memory of Amos

  • Shelli Koestner

In memory of Harriet

  • Shelli Koestner

In memory of Nancy Sanders

  • Brett Sanders

In Memory of Billy Kidd

  • Joe and Alice Martin

In Memory of Cash Braden, beloved furbaby of Chase and Elizabeth Braden

  • Christine Jones

‘In Memory of Zack

  • Kate Stout

In memory of Lori Serafin, an amazing Animal Lover

  • Kathy Cissell

In honor of Rileigh Elmore

  • Darren and Karrie McKinnon

In Honor of Livia Masternick

  • Darren and Karrie McKinnon

In memory of Snicker’s, faithful friend of David and Phyllis Haslett

  • Kristina Merrill

In memory of Kendal, Beloved pet of Lauren Graham

  • Nancy Guilliom

In Memory of Butch

  • Sue Betz

In Memory of Robert Frazer

  • Christine Quire

In Memory of Axel and Peyton, Beloved Pets of Joy Raley and Family

  • Martha J. Raley

In Memory of David Stoll

  • Rachal Weise
  • Heather Hedgepeth
  • Carol Parrish
  • Anita Dunn
  • Rebecca Eaves
  • Rudy Brittain

In Memory of Bob Frazer

  • Kathryn Quire

In Memory of Gary Ellerkamp

  • Deborah Thomas
  • Earl Weller

In Memory of Butch

  • Rodney Butcher

In Memory of Molly Kindoll, our beloved Granddog

  • Alan and Dina Wilson

In Honor of Nick and Dana

  • Jeff and Barbara Bishop

In Memory of Pat Sebring

  • Lisa Oakes

In Honor of Tammy Cummings

  • Leslie, Lindsay, Halle and David Smith

In Memory of Sticks, beloved pet of Alan Chewning and Ashley Brandt

  • Elizabeth Chewning

In Honor of Linda Ethington

  • Allen and Rena George
  • Allison Shafer

In Memory of Michael R. Simpson

  • Jami Crivits

In Honor of Becca Lindsay

  • Daniel Geffken

In Honor of Bill Felmey

  • Loriann Felmey