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Office Paws

Looking for a way to brighten the day in your office? Schedule a visit from one of our smile ambassador pups and watch everyone in your office get a little bit happier! Studies have shown that having an animal in the workplace can decrease stress, improve morale and productivity, and encourage communication among team members.

At the same time that our dogs are helping to relieve stress and increase happiness in your coworkers, our dogs will also benefit from the opportunity to socialize with new people, enjoy a field trip to a new environment, and build confidence so they will feel more comfortable once they find their forever home.

When you schedule a visit, one of our volunteers will bring one of our adoptable dogs to your workplace for a visit of approximately 30 minutes (unless you have pup snacks, then it will be longer!). Smiles and tail wags will ensue! So let us help you and your coworkers to have a great day. E-mail shellitcaf@gmail.com for more information or to set up your first visit.

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