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Boo’s Memorial Medical Emergency Fund

Boo’s Memorial Medical Emergency Fund was established to help any of the animals in the Tyson’s Chance program who require emergency or specialized medical services. This fund was named in memory of our founder and director Ashley Shelburne’s beloved dog and first rescue Boo. Your donation to Boo’s Fund helps Tyson’s Chance provide every possible resource during urgent medical emergencies. What better way to honor a loved one, commemorate a special event, or simply make the world brighter for an animal in need?


To donate to Boo’s Memorial Medical Fund, please visit the Donate page and scroll down to “Donate to Boo’s Fund”.


 Boo’s Story, from Ashley Shelburne

Fourteen years ago I was working a horse show near Cincinnati and in the process of putting about 10 Academy riders in the ring, I realized I left something at the barn. I sprinted back almost a half a mile; despite my rush I was stopped in my tracks by the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my life. Little did I know that that moment would change my life forever. She was with two little girls who told me they were unable to keep her and their parents were taking her to the pound at the end of the weekend when the show was over if they couldn’t find her a home. As I dashed off I yelled out our barn number and told them if they couldn’t find anyone to take her to meet me there Saturday night. Saturday night came and we were packing up to leave, almost ready to pull out and here they came. I was exhausted and not totally thrilled but kept my word and took her home…Well here we are 14 years later! Boo is my heart dog, we have connected on a level I can’t even describe. She is one of a kind and anyone who has spent time with her will tell you that she really is me as a dog. We have been through all of my adult life together and she has never batted an eye at the madness! She’s my rock and technically my first rescue as an adult. I thank her for showing me what my true calling in life was.