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Tyson’s Chance: Extreme Dog Makeovers



Prince was rescued from a hoarding/breeding situation in Henry County. As you can see, he was emaciated and also had scabies. He was kept in a small, dirty crate most of his life. Within about 3 short months, he has transformed in to this wonderful dog you see! He doesn’t even look the same! He is so happy. Prince loves to be around other dogs and people. He is a big ham. We’ve nicknamed him Stevie Wonder.

He has been adopted. Prince is living the life of what we’ve always known he was..a prince!



Epic’s story is one for the books for us. We pulled him from Louisville Metro Animal Services after he was found as a stray. He was covered in demodectic mange. This infestation of his skin left his face bloody, his body hot, irritated, and scabby, and his spirit broken. Epic underwent treatment for a long time. During his transformation period, he was diagnosed with Immune mediated poly arthritis. This was a blow to us but not to Epic. He kept his spirits high and continued to show us his thirst for life. Epic is now adopted and living the life of a spoiled rotten king.

You can read more of Epic’s story here.





Never did I think I would actually meet a dog in Jersey’s condition. I didn’t think it was possible for such a large breed dog to be so small. Tears streaming down my face as I created this image, as I type this for the world to see.. She was neglected in the worst type of way. Her needs were ignored. She was allowed to suffer. She slept in her own filth. She cried out for help and her pleas were ignored..Until the day we met. Walking in to the back room, seeing her lifeless eyes behind that crate’s bars… She was a prisoner in that place. We didn’t have intentions on pulling many large dogs on this day but after seeing Jersey, and so many others, we could not sit by and let this happen one more day. Jersey was rushed to our veterinarians. Since that day, and every day forward, we promised her no one would ever hurt her in such a fashion. She could hold her head up high from that day forward. She would never suffer at the hands of another human being again. Jersey gained weight, confidence, and learned how to be a dog again. Tyson’s Chance and Shelburne Pet Center crew have given this dog a new life. Jersey spends her days eating peanut butter kongs, roaming a large play yard, and lounging in a pool. She goes for walks, receives quality dog food, and best of all: love. Never again will she sit in a prison of a crate and wonder if death would be a better option than that miserable life.

Jersey’s life has changed because a couple of us said “okay, that’s enough. time for you to live.” Beyond Ashley and I, Jersey has had support from every staff member at Shelburne Pet Center. Michelle, Lacy, Amanda, Shombe have made her a priority. Unc made sure she had a big fluffy blanket on her freedom ride to the vet. Volunteers like Paula have walked her and helped her learn leash manners. Rae has taken time to find Jersey’s smile by capturing her in photos.
It takes a village to rehab a dog in such rotten shape, physically and emotionally. I am so proud of the dog she has become because of the people she is surrounded by. (thank you all)

Jersey has one more thing in life to conquer: finding a forever family. Jersey is friendly with people but a bit reserved at times. Can you blame her? She would do best in a home where she was the center of attention. She prefers no other animals. She is in need of a soft bed to share with a warm body or two.



Sterling’s was one day from death’s door when we found out about him. He had sarcoptic mange that had been neglected for years. He was an owner surrender at a shelter in Mt. Sterling, KY. Sterling’s projected fate was grim but we did not give up on him. His recovery shocked all of us. He made a 100% recovery in about 6 months. He is now living his life with a loving family.



Juan survived mistreatment and heart worms, both of which damaged and scarred his body. He was  however one of the most lovable dogs we’ve had in our program and he simply wanted to please and lived to earn your love (or treats, whichever).

Juan loved everyone he met and was a volunteer favorite. He was pampered and adored by everyone until cancer took him from us. His time with us was filled with love and joy and we feel blessed to have known this sweet soul.



Zeus was found in a creek in Bardstown, KY. We believe he was used as a bait dog for dog fights. Zeus was covered in scars, bleeding open wounds, emaciated, and his teeth had been grind down. Since then he has recovered spectacularly. He is an amazingly loving dog, you would never know of his past if it weren’t for his scars.
*We recently lost Zeus. We are so sadden by his passing and can’t believe he is gone. We find comfort in knowing Zeus is running free through Rainbow Bridge and at peace. RIP Zeusy baby.*
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Marley came to us after being found in with a severe skin infection and flea infestation. Marley has been given the pampered like with us! His backside looks amazing! You would never know he had problems with his skin! Marley has found his forever home! Go Marley, go!


The boy in the photo was brought to us by a concerned citizen. The leg has been severely broken and left to heal, emaciated, parasite and flea infested but sweet as ever! We have named him Orion because he is a fighter for having to deal with the pain and suffering of his leg healing that way. He has since undergone surgery to repair the break and has recovered wonderfully! Orion loves belly rubs and is very eager to please. Orion has found his forever home!



CoCo was signed over to Tyson’s Chance with apparent toxin or chemical exposure to the skin. After surgery and a long healing process she was adopted out on October 16, 2011 and is doing wonderful in her new home. You would never know anything had ever happened to her. She wanted to live and that’s she did!


Colonel aka Chicken was a special little senior boy came to us on 7/18/11 matted and with multiple health issues. Within 48 hours he was groomed, eating and enjoying life. A special woman from California fell in love with Chicken, as we all did, and came to make him part of her family on September 14, 2011.


Tyson’s Chance found Faith in a church parking lot so traumatized that she had become feral. She had severe damage to the rear end after she was hit by a train according to witnesses. It ripped her entire tail and tail base off. After surgery to repair the damage and a loving hand, Faith has healed wonderfully and enjoys play time with the other dogs. Faith has found her forever foster home.



Cinderella was brought to us with severe demodectic mange and skin infection. Ella’s fur is starting to grow back and she will be more beautiful than she is now in no time.. With the hard work of everyone at Tyson’s Chance she has recovered and found her forever home!



Sampson was brought to us with severe skin infection and allergies, he was miserable! After intense treatment with antibiotics, medicated baths, and a diet change he transformed into the most handsome boy and now has his forever home!

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