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A Journey of “Epic” Proportions..

October 30, 2012:


We saw his picture from Louisville Metro Animal Services, we were horrified. Bloody face, disgusting scabby coat, and the saddest eyes we’ve seen in awhile. He was found as a stray.

We made the decision to bring him in to our program.








He was very quiet in his quarantine kennel. He had given up. His fur wretched in blood, pus, and dirt. His face covered in bloody scabs. His body hot to the touch. His skin was so irritated, touching him made his skin literally crawl. His toe nails were long and yellow like mustard.


Upon leaving LMAS, he gave us a little tail wag. We knew he was ready to start his life. His name couldn’t be anything ordinary. He needed a name to show how strong he was, how “epic” his life would be. Ashley decided on Epic.


Epic was taken to Breckenridge Animal Hospital to see Dr. Della. He was diagnosed with a rotten case of demodectic mange.

Epic continued on antibiotics, Ivomectin for the mange, and was given lots of love. The once very quiet, sullen dog, started to come out of his shell.


Epic continued to board with Shelburne Pet Center. He was cared for by their loving staff and soon became a favorite.

Forward to May 9, 2013:

Epic was feeling really yucky on May 8, 2013. He was known for his crazy greetings when he was in his kennel and he today he was quiet. Very unlike Epic to not perk up and great Ashely and the kennel staff when they walked by his kennel.



Epic was taken to Blue Pearl . He was diagnosed with Immune mediated poly arthritis. This was quite the blow to Epic. He had already been through so much.. Why more? We decided the method of treatment we would go with and moved forward. 941372_577933925563865_1346562678_n Epic was feeling better by the time he got back to his kennel.


He was still not like himself but shortly after being on his medicine, he was okay. Since May 10th, Epic has shown no other signs of discomfort or pain.









Meet Molly:

Molly is one of the awesome kennel staff at Shelburne Pet Center. She has a serious passion for animals and keeping them healthy and happy.


Molly fell for Epic. Epic fell for Molly. It was true love! Molly took Epic home every once in awhile to see how he felt about her cat and family.

1378526_10153349714600367_473070759_n (1)

Epic was a gentleman.

Last week, Molly made the decision to adopt Epic. We could not be more happier for these two.


We consider their story pretty “epic” to say the least. Epic waited a year for Molly and he will pay her back all of his days with love and understanding for what she has done for him.

Thank you Molly for giving Epic a loving home. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime for him!

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