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Urgent Assistance Needed to Save our Rescue..

Currently, we have over 30 dogs in our program. That is 20 more than our maximum. This has been an ongoing issue with us, as every other state and rescue could share the same story, we have a hard time saying no.
There are so many wonderful dogs that deserve a chance but we are not able to pull or take in any dogs at this point.
Our hands are tied. Our dogs are beautiful creatures that have spent most of their lives in a shelter environment.They deserve to be somebody’s everything.

We need sponsorship’s for medical care and boarding. Roughly $300 a month per dog for boarding, plus food. That doesn’t count the money Shelburne Pet Center pays to staff the location with full time employees. We have routine vaccines, spay/neuter, and emergency medical care that has our vet bill currently at $1400.

The only funds we currently have are the spay/neuter sponsorship we did last month. We have no funds to pay for boarding this month. 30 dogs x $8 a day. That’s a lot of money a month. We simply do not have it.Our program can not continue at this rate

We are desperate for sponsorship, adoptions, fosters, and donations.

We cannot continue at this rate. Our rescue will go under and our dogs will have to be placed with out rescues.

If you’ve ever thought about fostering, adopting, or donating there is no other better time than now.
We have dogs that will fit every family that are just sitting in their kennels waiting for their chance.

If you can help, please email us asap tysonschance@yahoo.com

We have shared information on how you can make a commitment to donate monthly. Our subscribe button is at www.tysonschance.com.

You can make a donation in person or via snail mail at 353 Kentucky St Shelbyville, KY 40065 or 731 Mt. Eden Road Shelbyville, KY 40065.

You can use our Paypal to make a monetary donation tysonschance@yahoo.com

You can make a donation towards our vet bill East Shelby Animal Clinic and make a payment on a credit or debit card over the phone towards Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation (502) 633-2061 or via snal mail:
East Shelby Animal Clinic 731 Mount Eden Rd Shelbyville, KY 40065

You can find our adoptable dogs at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/KY388.html.

Even sharing an adoptable dog a day or sharing our website can help.

You can sign up to volunteer your time to help walk, socialize, play, and help clean with our rescue via email tysonschance@yahoo.com

We will have discounted adoption rates every month and a dog of the month will start again.

I cannot stress how badly we need your help. Our personal lives are suffering due to supporting the rescue, which was fine at first but it’s gotten to the point where board members cannot continue to support their personal lives with the weight of the rescue’s financial status. We have a very small team of amazing people but put simply, we can’t do it alone anymore.

Anything you can do to help in turn helps the dogs.

Please consider adopting, donating, fostering, and/or volunteering.
Thank you~
Stephanie, Ashley, Brook, Anessa, Lacy, and Dina

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