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Yesterday at noon, our groomer received a phone call from her kids about a dog they saw. The dog had been thrown from a truck over a bridge. The dog had a chain tied to his neck with a log at the end. He has puncture wounds all over his body, even inside his mouth. He is badly beaten up. It appears some heartless individuals decided Zeus’ life wasn’t worth much and used him as a bait dog in a fighting ring.

“Bait” animals are animals used to test a dog’s fighting instinct; they are often mauled or killed in the process. Trainers obtain bait animals from several sources: wild or feral animals, animals obtained from a shelter, or in some cases, stolen pets.[2] Sometimes the animals are also obtained through “free to a good home” ads.[3] According to news reports compiled by theHumane Society of the United States, the snouts of bait dogs are wrapped with duct tape to prevent them from injuring dogs being trained for fighting. Their teeth are filed and their nails are cut until nothing is left. Other animals, such as cats and rabbits are also reported to be used as bait animals. Experts have said small dogs, kittens and rabbits are more at risk of being stolen for bait than larger animals.[4]”

A wonderful volunteer went to Bardstown, Kentucky to pick him up. We couldn’t turn this poor guy away. He needed a chance.


Zeus is very malnourished. We have started Zeus on antibiotics and cleaned his wounds.  Zeus will make a full recovery.

Please continue to follow his story and our many other rescues!


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