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Sterling’s Road to Recovery



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Sterling was on the kill list at Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Mount Sterling, KY. Tyson’s Chance saw the Urgent Plea for rescue’s help. We could not turn away from this poor, tired soul. His longing eyes told us a story we know so well. His owner’s neglected his terrible condition and let him rot in a crate..until they finally surrendered him. His story, like so many others, broke our hearts. We could not bare to see him suffer one more moment, or worse, be killed because his previous owners neglected him.Because of the great efforts of Montgomery’s volunteers, we were able to secure a pick up time for Sterling. Ashley and I headed out on our journey to rescue Sterling. We arrived at the shelter. There are so many wonderful, happy, healthy, friendly dogs at this shelter! It was clean and the staff were friendly and understanding.The photos we saw did not do his condition…”justice.” He was miserable, pathetic, and rotting. His skin is crusting with disease. His poor body littered with fleas. He showed no signs of interest. He was depressed. He has lived in this condition for so long..at this point it seemed as though he was just going through the motions. We loaded him in the rescue van and we headed to Dr. Belcher at East Shelbyville Animal Clinic. Dr. Belcher gave us information on his condition and states this is one of the worst case she has ever seen. His ears, covered in scabs and fly bites. His tail completely bald. He has an anal tumor, fatty tumors, and other oddly shappen areas on his body that should not be there. His eyes were dripping with green, snot-like mucus and seemed tired, scared, and hopeless.. Sterling’s entire body seem to ache but he was calm with every skin scrap and needle. Fur missing everywhere. He longed for touch. Ashley stroked his head and reached towards his belly. His leg arched up, begging for more of her loving touch. We don’t know how long it has been since someone has actually loved on him and enjoyed being with him.Shortly after his diagnosis(seen in previous post), Ashley bathed him with multiple medicated shampoos. His whole body relaxed after his bath. We walked out in the sun and he basked in the warm rays. His eyes lit up with excitement when he saw grass. We walked in the grass. He went to some bushes and put his rear in the bushes and shook. He itched so badly! He reached his face and rubbed until his itch was relieved. Sterling has been given another chance. He has hope in his eyes instead of sadness and depression. We need your help! Sterling’s medical bills are pilling up already. We are hoping the bills do not exceed our Chip In goal but we will do what we can. Please help. Please share Sterling’s story and do what you can.This happened because his condition was ignored and pushed in a kennel. This could have been prevented. We are so sorry for his rough life but hope, with your help, we can help him.
Medical update on Sterling: skin scrape was positive for sarcoptic mange, impression smears show severe yeast and bacterial infections, heartworm test was negative, other bloodwork and fecal results are pending. We started injectable ivermectin, oral antibiotics and anti fungal drugs, fatty acids, medicated baths and top of the line nutrition. Dr. Belcher is concerned about possible underlying issues (auto immune diseases, thyroid issues, cushings disease,etc.) but we are going to see how he responds to current treatment before doing any more testing. Dr. Belcher says this is one of the worst cases she has seen and it is going to be a very costly and lengthy recovery for Sterling. We are optimistic that he will regain his health! Thank you for your support this far, please continue to share his story so we can cover his medical costs and provide him with all of his needs.- Ashley

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