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Meet Harriet

Hi!! I’m Harriet! I’m looking for my perfect ever after, could it be with you?
I’m a fitness enthusiast who enjoys hiking and yoga.
My idea of the perfect Saturday is to head to the local coffee shop for a chai latte followed by a long hike, then ending the day with preparing a healthy dinner and watching a nature documentary in front of the fire.
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius, adventurous and independent
Favorite toy: Chew bones
Favorite scent: Fresh outdoors after a spring rain
Hobby: Gardening: I could dig, you could plant
Best qualities: I”m a great listener, I will listen intently and look at you with lots of compassion with my big coffee-brown eyes
Favorite song: “Brown Eyed Girl”

Harriet is one of our Sweetheart Singles, our adoptables who have so much love to give that they must be the only pet in your home.

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