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Meet Gadget

Alright alright alright…Gadget here! Looking for my perfect home sweet home. Don’t require much, just some fun, some adventure, and sharing some great snacks with you.
A few things you should know about me:
Favorite Song: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
Toy: ANY squeaky toy
Dream date: walking on the beach with a special person or two
If I had a job it would be as a lawyer, but a magician on the side
Favorite accessory: a bow tie, and my perfect smile!
Best qualities: Ladies love me because I’m a debonair stud muffin. I’m active, gorgeous, smart, and know how to have a good time.
Inspiration: Justin Timberlake and Matthew McConaughey

Gadget is one of our Sweetheart Singles, our adoptables who have so much love to give that they must be the only pet in your home.

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