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Meet Sugar

So nice to meet you! I’m Sugar, a sweet and sassy Beagle! I want to be your one and only princess and rule your heart and home.
A few things you should know about me:
Hobbies: While I don’t require a royal carriage, I do enjoy a good car ride. Exploring my kingdom on walks would be even more special if I could share it with you.
Favorite Snack: fresh veggies because I am watching my regal figure
Best Physical Feature: my tummy because it gets me tummy rubs
Best Qualities: I have a great sense of humor and enjoy a good bit of mischief like following my beagle nose
Favorite Movie: Cinderella, because one princess enjoys another!

Sugar is one of our Sweetheart Singles, our adoptables who have so much love to give that they must be the only pet in your home.

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