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Letter from Matty


Matty, January 19th, 2016: I came into the Tyson’s Chance program so very sick that everything hurt. In fact I was so sick that I heard them talking saying that they weren’t sure I was going to live, but I also heard them say they were going to give me their all. After I had puppies I got something called mastitis and the infection had spread throughout my entire body. My kidneys were struggling to work and I had something called DIC which caused clotting problems with my blood. Not only did I need plasma, powerful antibiotics and IV fluid therapy, I needed all the prayers I could get. I felt so horrible, but I also felt loved and protected. I knew if I could fight hard enough, Tyson’s Chance would help me to live. And fight I did! With all of the love and around the clock medical attention (including laser therapy, bandage changes, 12 medications, various nutritional supplements and multiple topical treatments) I beat the odds and made a full recovery. And then, 3 months later, I was adopted!
There will always be another animal who needs a chance, just like I did. On this GivingTuesday, please make a donation to Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation to help them care for the ones who need them the most.
Love, Matty

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