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Letter from Amara + New Video

During this season when we reflect on our blessings and gratitude, join us over the next few days as we take a look back at some of the major cases we have had the privilege to help in the past year.

Amara, December 29th, 2015: I was shot in the face by a stranger, for no reason. I’m a good girl. I didn’t deserve it. The pain was awful. I was cold and I was scared. I was laying in a pool of my own blood, left to die. What should have been the worst day of my life actually turned out to be the beginning of my brand new wonderful life, thanks to Tyson’s Chance. The next weeks were filled with surgeries and vets and antibiotics, but also with love and around-the-clock care from my guardian angel, the director of Tyson’s Chance, to help me mend my wounds, both physical and emotional, to help me be a healthy happy girl once again. After four months of being a part of Tyson’s Chance my perfect family adopted me and my happily ever after began. If it wasn’t for Tyson’s Chance I wouldn’t be here. 

There will always be another animal that needs a chance. On this GivingTuesday, please make a donation to Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation to help them care for the ones who need them the most.
Love, Amara

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